Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion: Joel Ward on what the Rivalry means to the Players

Written by FYP Fanzine

After seven and a half years at Crystal Palace and half a dozen derby games against Brighton, Joel Ward knows exactly what the game means to Eagles fans.

Speaking exclusively to the FYP Podcast this week, Ward outlined just how aware the Palace players are of the game and its importance.

He said: "I think it's hard not to be aware of it, just because of the buzz of it around the social media, radio, TV, whatever it is. The buzz is there and I think all the players know that. I think any big derby, people know what it is so I think Monday will be a special night."

Palace take on their bitter rivals tonight (Monday) in the first derby of the 2019/20 season and the fifth in the last three years and although Ward will be missing out through injury, he says that playing in it, it's hard to ignore the atmosphere and the occasion after the players cross that white line.

"I think its one of those where yes first few minutes your hairs are up and you know the importance of the game but I think, in the Premier League, every game is like that. The importance of it -- you can't do anything silly.

"When you've played a lot of games and you've got the experience, you just subconsciously go out there and do what you've got to do. As long as you do your job, you're ticking the boxes and making sure you give yourself the best chance."

LISTEN: Joel Ward on the FYP Christmas Special Podcast

Ward was given an early initiation into the Palace Brighton derby in his first season at Palace having joined from Portsmouth in the summer of 2012 as the two teams played each other four times, twice in the league and then in the playoff semi-finals, finishing in that infamous 2-0 win for the Eagles at the Amex in the second leg.

"That was arguably one of the best if not the best away games to be involved in," Ward says remembering that game.

"The first game [in the league] at their place, I was just coming back from injury so I missed that. Then I came back in for the game after for the last 10 games of the season as we went into the playoffs.

"That night, wow, that night was something special. The atmosphere, the buzz after the game was just hard to describe. I think it was Jonny Williams's dad and my dad who were sat close to each other just going crazy. I saw dad later on and the family and I don't think any of them had a voice, just gone." 

In the current squad, only Wilfried Zaha has played in more Palace Brighton derbies, having featured in 10 in the last eight years, four more than Ward.

Listen to Joel Ward talk about the Brighton rivalry, almost not joining Palace at all, the secret to surviving in the Peemier League and some of his favourite moments in red and blue only on the FYP Christmas Special podcast below...


Come to our LIVE Podcast and Q&A with a Crystal Palace legend

Written by FYP Fanzine

Well, this is exciting. We are doing our first ever LIVE Podcast in January 2020.

It's only taken us 11 years to build up the courage to pod in front of a live audienc which is weird when you consider 50% of our panel are standup comedians and one regularly DJs.

Actually we did do one podcast with a small audiance at The Waterfront in Streatham years ago but everyone got so drunk we had to cut half the recording.

Anyway, on Friday January 17th we will be recording the first ever FYP Podcast with a proper live audience in a grown up venue and everything. We have booked the main auditorium at the Streatham Space Project in Streatham Hill and doors will open at 7pm with the night kicking off at 7.30pm.

The venue has 120 seats which is both super exciting and terrfying that we won't fill them out.

We'd absolutely love you to join us on the night, where we'll also have a very special Crystal Palace themed guest. Someone who has played for the club and has a multitude of stories that we can't wait for him to share with us on the night.

Tickets are £10 each and are now on general sale.

Get your ticket by clicking this link here.

Tickets initially went on sale to Patreons as a priority and we've sold half the venue out already so be quick if you want to come along.

We really hope you'll join us on the night for what will be a memeorable event and hopefully the first of many live FYP Podcasts. Cheers! 

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These Gary Lineker quotes could be some help to Wilfried Zaha

Written by FYP Fanzine

We all know how much abuse Wilf Zaha gets from opposition fans and players, it's almost got to pantomime villain levels where he seems to get it at pretty much every game even if he has zero history with that particular club or set of supporters.

They all now seem to know that booing him or booting him can wind him up to the point of fistraction or even land him in the referee's book, or worse, in the dressing room early. 

But according to England legend Gary Lineker, players like Wilf should actually revel in some of the attention they get from fans and opposition players because it points to something very important.

Whereas Wilf seems to take every kick and boo as a personal afront, former Leicester, Everton Barcelona and Tottenham goalcorer Lineker, who retired more than two decades ago and now fronts Match Of The Day, saw it differently.  

Wilf regularly tops the list of most fouled players in the Premier League but whereas he often reacts to having lumps kicked out of him, Lineker almost took the bruises as a badge of honour.

“If I was getting kicked and winning free-kicks, for me that was part of my job. If I'm getting fouled and kicked that's what I'm here for,” he said while speaking of the challenges he faced as a player on the BLANK Podcast, convenitnely hosted FYP legend Jim Daly and author and Palace fan Giles Paley-Phillips.

"Free-kick? Ok, get in the box, might score." 

COME SEE OUR LIVE POD: Tickets now on general sale for FYP's first ever LIVE podcast

Lineker didn't single out Wilf specifically but the advice really does ring true for Palace's no.11 as Lineker detailed how he coped with the more brutal elements of the game, and this was three decades ago when fouls really were fouls.

He added: “The times when it really hurt and you might be a bit irked where you roll around...well, not rolling...screaming on the floor for a bit and by the time the pain goes away your temper goes away as well.”

That lack of a temper was seen as a quality for the striker, but he still took opportunities to complain at officials, something Wilf also has a decent ability for.

“I could moan at referees like anyone but I didn't abuse them. I wouldn't call them names I just moaned. I could moan. I was a moaner.

“Lots of refs would say 'you never stop moaning at us' I was like 'you never stop getting decisions wrong!'”

Lineker would tiptoe the line of decency towards officials and famously was never booked in a 16-year career, and would often manage to avoid getting booked for voicing his opinion....unlike Zaha.

Most recently, Wilf's complaints to referee Mike Dean against Chelsea prompted a request for captain Luka Milivojevic to intervene.

“I was a bit of a whinger...but not quite enough to get a booking. I certainly don't claim to be a saint but there are worse images to have,” he said.

Zaha is often singled out by opposing fans for abuse and derision, often in response to fouls, but Lineker says that abuse is typically a sign you’re a player they’re worried about.

“If they're singing and chanting about you it means they're worried about you. That was the way I used to look at it...or listen to it.

“So it was a good sign. If you're the player they're singing about on the opposition then you must be doing something right,” he said.

We've seen Wilf get ridiculous and undeserved yellow and red cards for reacting to opposition players and fans widing him up but if he took the abuse with the water-off-a-ducks-back approach that Lineker did he could spend more time on the pitch making those players and fans pay for it the only way he knows how.

Gary Lineker spoke with the award-nominated BLANK podcast about his life, career and personal matters. Click here to learn how to subscribe.

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The FYP Podcast partners with The Athletic for the 2019/20 season

Written by FYP Fanzine


We are delighted to announce that for the 2019/20 season the main FYP Podcast is being supported by The Athletic.

You've probably heard about The Athletic by now; the US based subscription-only sports website that has moved into covering UK football and signed a world-class team of writers to cover the Premier League (and more!)

It means completely ad-free articles (no pop-ups or annoying banner ads) and the best football coverage for Crystal Palace and the rest of the footballing world (plus access to all their US sports content too.)

We think what The Athletic is doing is really cool and we're really excited to be involved, but what does it mean for the FYP Podcast?

It means the main podcast will stay free as it has done for, yikes...11 years! Wow, we're old. What we'll be doing each week is taking an article from The Athletic's coverage of Palace and using it as a discussion jumping off point.

Thanks to the Athletic's support, our studio fees for the season are covered meaning that the pod will continue to as professional as possible every week (including international breaks where we have some extra special podcasts planned) without the need for subscription fees. That's it.

We'll also have access to The Athletic's writing team to come on the podcast and chat Palace from time to time.

The Extraaa pod is also still here and is still just $3 a month via our Patreon, so if you were supporting us via Patreon for that, nothing changes. But we have seen other football podcasts offer a few other tings on their Patreon so we have done that too, introducing a few additional tiers so you can get some other FYP Podcast perks. Obviously, there are no obligations -- the main pod will be free.

We've also suspended Patreon payments for August meaning you can have a think about how you want to support the pod extra (if at all) and opt out should you want to.

So basically, everything is the same as last season; the main podcast remains free to everyone and the Extraaa podcast is still just $3 a month, but there are extra perks available should you want them.

That's it, we hope you'll continue to listen to the FYP Podcast main and Extraaa podcast and we're really excited about the season ahead.

Oh! And if you visit you can get your first month subscription to The Athletic for FREE and then 50% off for the rest of the year! Nice!