We Are Not Entertained But What Choice Do We Really Have?

Written by Carl Mortimer

I have resigned myself to accept that this is Palace right now.

Palace are tedious to watch at the moment, and I’ve sat through The Masked Singer and all the Twilight films, but nothing will be worse than watching a Palace game right now.

It’s a chore, you know there’s a Palace game coming and it’s going to be on telly, you see the line up, you hope for 4-2-3-1, you want to get excited for it, but you just can’t.

Being in lockdown with no one being able to go and enjoy the matchday experience isn’t helping right now but, if anything, that’s probably a good thing with how Palace play their football under Roy Hodgson. Can you imagine the anger in the stands if fans were able to go and watch us play right now?

After losing a game with no shots on target, no real clear-cut chances, no excitement and no game changing substitutions I would get angry and annoyed, and would vent at anyone and everything -- just because Palace have ruined my weekend. However, I’m in a place now where I know what’s going to happen so I prepare myself quite early on, and if we win, it’s a bonus.

I’m not on Twitter anymore, which definitely helps keep that Palace related anger/annoyance in check, as that was my go-to platform to vent obscenities. My wife doesn’t care for my rants as she doesn’t have a clue why I’m so angry, and my dad, although slightly pissed off seems to accept it for what it is too.

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Our football under Roy Hodgson is dreadful, no denying it. And yes, there are injuries and a lack of transfers etc etc but that doesn’t excuse the fact that even with a full strength side we still struggle to muster a single shot on target in some games. I don’t buy into those excuses -- we are just more concerned about our opponents than with playing our own game.

We have to accept the fact that this is just Palace under Hodgson and no amount of venting into the cloud is going to change that.

Palace will win a game, draw a game, and then lose a game. There will be games where we have one shot and win a game one-nil, and another where we have no shots and lose one-nil – they won’t be pretty win or lose, but we just have to accept that under Hodgson this is how it’s going to be. There is no point in getting angry or annoyed at it, it won’t change until he steps down or doesn’t get a new contract.

We all want Roy to change this and that, play this player, switch it up, do something different but it just isn’t going to happen, I say to the FYP WhatsApp group “I don’t expect anything to change until Roy leaves” and I’ve now accepted it, win lose or draw, I don’t get carried away anymore.

I don’t want to accept it, I want to get excited for a European tour when we win a couple of games but, I know the likelihood is, we will lose or draw the next couple and the cycle starts again.

I know that as a club and a squad of players we can play better football than what is currently served up, but until that time we all just have to accept the mediocrity of the manager’s ways until that change happens. What’s the point in getting angry about something we cannot change?

Roy is here whether we like it or not, and unfortunately, we just have to ride this boredom train until it departs.

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