FYP Podcast: Can Palace actually get promoted?

Written by Joe Bloggs

Yes it's time to take the bus to Poddington Lane as the FYP Podcast is here and ready to be channeled through your ears and into your brain.

After a week off James Endeacott and Kevin Day rejoin JD and Streety in the FYP studio (aka The Waterfront pub in Streatham Common) where there is plenty of head scratching and confused faces with Palace sitting sixth - YES SIXTH! - in the league.

The team somehow manage to find enough words to fill a pod, and talk about the following:

    1. Who are the gangs' favourite Palace International?
    2. Is Glenn Murray the striker to end all strikers?
    3. Can Palace ACTUALLY get promoted this season?

    4. Do we want to get promoted this season?
    5. What do the boys think of option 5 in Badgegate?
    6. Plus a little song for the Jonny Parr.

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