FYP Podcast: New plans for youth development are an EPPPIC FAIL!

Written by Joe Bloggs

The FYP pod team are angry. Not just because they have been, yet again, overlooked for any national podcast awards despite sending in those naked spread photos. No, they are angry because of those bullies at the Premier League.

Thanks to this silly new Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) clubs like Palace will see their talented youth whisked away for tuppence.

And it makes for a heated podcast as JD and Streety are joined by James Endeacott and comedian Doc Brown - sitting in for Kevin Day.

They also discuss:

    1. Palace's seven-game run without conceding
    2. The pod team's favourite ever Eagles defender (and Leif Anderson)
    3. What is EPPP? Why the ruling is a sham!

    4. Can Palace actually go up? Do we want them to?
    5. A trip to Old Trafford? Go on then!

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