FYP Podcast: The end of season pod is here (featuring Steve Parish & player interviews!)

Written by Jim Daly

Hello? Is this thing on? Ah ha! Well, the FYP podcast is back for its final time this season after a six week break where the pod team have been coming to terms with a lack of Palace this summer.

So, as a result we have a BUMPER podcast for you that does its best to wrap up all issues as we close down for the summer months.

Eagles chairman Steve Parish joins us for his annual end of season chat with the FYP team where he sheds light on a number of things including Andy Johnson's possible return to SE25, developments on plans to move to the Crystal Palace Park and just how damn excited he is about the launch of next season's kits (very is the answer).

Also, we catch up with some of the Palace players themselves to hear their thoughts on the season, although most of the questions revolve around Wilf Zaha's hair and why Dougie loves the FYP t-shirts so much.

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