FYP Podcast: New season preview + Geoff Thomas chat!

Written by Joe Bloggs

Oh hi! Didn't see you there! Just kidding, we did really, we've been waiting around for months to be able to finally get the FYP podcast back up and running and here it is!

The pod team of Kevin Day, James Endeacott and Andy Street join host Jim Daly back at their pub studio the Waterfront in Streatham to chat all things Palace.

Not that there is much to chat about with the summer being unusually subdued at Selhurst, but the boys still find plenty to chat rubbish about (including the Olympics and what the chaps have been doing with their summers).

Also the pod is joined by Eagles legend Geoff Thomas who reveals his reaction to coming first in the FYP Top 50 countdown of the best Palace players ever.

Geoff also gives his views on the current Palace team as well as an update on his latest work for his Leukaemia Foundation. You can find out more info on that here.

So sit back and enjoy the FYP podcast team bringing you the latest in Palace bullshit as the season gets underway!

You can stream the pod here.

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