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FYP's Fanzine editor Jason Crame has been slaving over a hot laptop this summer, pulling together a crew of great writers to give you something interesting to read after a few months of Palace-less activity!

Here's what you can expect: 

  • Few expected Maroune Chamakh to make an impact at Palace, but as Patrick Stevens tells us, he did. 

  • Neil Carter isn't one to tempt fate, but he wonders if the fourth season really is a curse. 

  • There is no getting away from the main rivalry as Richard Foster explains.

  • Jack Pierce tries to put together the pieces of a season that was fragmented by a poor second half and shattered by a late FA Cup defeat to Manchester United. 

  • Will there be life after Brexit? Mark Silverstein suggests Palace have a part to play.

  • Robert Sutherland loves a bit of nostalgia but not when it comes to decisions that will shape the future of the club.

  • We may not have seen much of him in the Premier League but Paddy McCarthy is still a legend to Donogh Hurley.

  • Early business in the transfer window has impressed Matt Webb but will more follow?

  • Alistair Laban goes on a kit journey that starts a long way back.

  • Alan Russell takes us through some of the pre-season action.

  • Our very own historian John Daly looks back at how Palace fared fifty years ago

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