The FYP Podcast partners with The Athletic for the 2019/20 season

Written by FYP Fanzine


We are delighted to announce that for the 2019/20 season the main FYP Podcast is being supported by The Athletic.

You've probably heard about The Athletic by now; the US based subscription-only sports website that has moved into covering UK football and signed a world-class team of writers to cover the Premier League (and more!)

It means completely ad-free articles (no pop-ups or annoying banner ads) and the best football coverage for Crystal Palace and the rest of the footballing world (plus access to all their US sports content too.)

We think what The Athletic is doing is really cool and we're really excited to be involved, but what does it mean for the FYP Podcast?

It means the main podcast will stay free as it has done for, yikes...11 years! Wow, we're old. What we'll be doing each week is taking an article from The Athletic's coverage of Palace and using it as a discussion jumping off point.

Thanks to the Athletic's support, our studio fees for the season are covered meaning that the pod will continue to as professional as possible every week (including international breaks where we have some extra special podcasts planned) without the need for subscription fees. That's it.

We'll also have access to The Athletic's writing team to come on the podcast and chat Palace from time to time.

The Extraaa pod is also still here and is still just $3 a month via our Patreon, so if you were supporting us via Patreon for that, nothing changes. But we have seen other football podcasts offer a few other tings on their Patreon so we have done that too, introducing a few additional tiers so you can get some other FYP Podcast perks. Obviously, there are no obligations -- the main pod will be free.

We've also suspended Patreon payments for August meaning you can have a think about how you want to support the pod extra (if at all) and opt out should you want to.

So basically, everything is the same as last season; the main podcast remains free to everyone and the Extraaa podcast is still just $3 a month, but there are extra perks available should you want them.

That's it, we hope you'll continue to listen to the FYP Podcast main and Extraaa podcast and we're really excited about the season ahead.

Oh! And if you visit you can get your first month subscription to The Athletic for FREE and then 50% off for the rest of the year! Nice!